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Sponsor A Child

Sponsor a child or renew a sponsorship for $365 a year. That’s right, for $1.00 a day you can help feed, educate, provide for the basic health care, and provide beginning vocational skills when age appropriate. Your donation of $365 offsets the cost of food.

Divine Compassion Charitable (DCC) has established a Sponsor a Child Program (SAC) in support of the feeding/education and residential program in Petit-Goave, Haiti. DDC has been providing one meal on a regular basis for over 300 children in the feeding/education program. Additionally, the program provides uniforms and tuition stipends, school supplies, shoes and basic medical care to the children in the program.

With the SAC program, donors can sponsor an individual in the program. The minimum contribution for the program is $365 a year or $31 a month that helps cover the costs of serving a child. We will provide the name and photograph of an individual child to the donor

Sponsor A Child

If you wish to participate, please click the link below to download a Sponsor Application Form, complete the form, and return it to DCC for processing.

Once a Sponsor Application Form has been completed and received by DCC, our sister organization in Petit-Goave, Haiti will select a child for sponsorship and follow the guidelines provided by the DCC Board of Directors for overseeing the SAC program.

DCC is committed to the safety of the children in the SAC program and does not expect that sponsors will visit the children except in the event that a sponsor participates in an DCC sponsored mission trip. In the event that happens, visiting sponsors will be provided guidelines for contact between individual sponsors and sponsored children.

Thank you for your consideration of participating in this new program to help care for these needy children in Petit-Goave, Haiti.


1. Sponsor a child using our online system and pay with a credit card using our secure system.

Start the online process

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2. Fill out the application form below and submit it. One of our staff will contact you.

DCC is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Divine Compassion Charitable (“DCC”), established in 2013, is a nonprofit Christian organization committed to addressing the needs of impoverished and uneducated street children in Petit-Goave(located at the southern part of Haiti.) by meeting their most basic needs - shelter, food, clean water, health care, education, vocational training, spiritual and emotional well-being. 

He has told you, 0 mortal, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God? (Micah 6:8).


I Wish to sponsor ____ # of children*

With a payment of $___ per month/ year. *




Email Address*

Church or Organization affiliation (if applicable)

Payment Method

Forms And Donations May Be Mailed To:

Sponsor A Child Program. Divine Compassion Charitable.2601 Farragut Rd.#2B. Brooklyn, NY 11210

Please make out check to Divine Compassion Charitable, with memo line stating: Sponsor a child

As A Sponsor, You Will Receive:

A photograph of the child and periodic newsletters by email. 

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